How do I join my pickle fish Delicious market – infinite

as everyone knows, people love to eat the delicious pickled fish, taste good, people now choose to join the pickled fish lead a person to endless aftertastes, businesses are also very much, in many brands of pickled fish, pickled fish in this pond my reputation and excellent market, make people feel good taste of delicacy, the Tang family joined the pickled fish can open up the wealth market.

pickled fish origin:

sauerkraut fish origin, a lot of argument. Some say, Zhou Yu restaurant was founded in Jiangjin County of Chongqing City, Jin Fu Township, the middle of the 80s business pickled fish, popular food praise, this shop has received a lot of apprentice, Yicheng after leaving the store own fist varieties also spread from all sides. Some said, Chongqing City Bishan County blessing to the town, is located in the town of Chanel bag into the Chongqing highway side wall, across the street, fish production, cooking fish master "live fish town in the United States" reputation, at a small shop, simply to "fish beauty" brand, by the famous calligrapher Yang Xuanting wrote "fish beauty" three words, hanging shop, not only for the city, and it is the name, after the launch of the Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil "popular in years, and the launch of " " pickled fish;. Unique flavor, fame does not go away, all over the province have copied. Another said, Bishan County has a good fishing Weng, a day to catch a few fish home, his wife took the fish in the pot boiled pickled cabbage soup, then a taste, extremely delicious, and every people boast, pickled fish have a name. Pickled fish with fish and vegetables soup bubble, because the foam vegetables sour, named. Sichuan folk, winter vegetable pickled sauerkraut, big jar storage, with access to the following summer, edible. More with sauerkraut, chicken, duck, fish, meat, soup, vegetables, fresh and refreshing, refreshing Xie xie. Pickled fish "is Home Dishes famous products in Sichuan, in 90s, a. Sichuan restaurants, are prepared for this dish, famous in the province. With soft packaging foam vegetables sold in the country, "pickled fish" is also popular throughout China, in the capital city of Beijing, and a few "Kung Pao Chicken par.

then this pond my pickled fish based on traditional pickled fish on excellence, it launched three magic shop town.

1, special ecological breeding base

is a famous freshwater fish fish, "fish treasures", is a kind of nutritious, delicious meat of the senior health care products, has always been regarded as a convalescent and young virtual body tonic treasures. The culture is crucial to the fish pond, my family contracted acres of fish ponds, pleasant environment, ecological environmental protection, ensure the snakehead natural attributes of health.

2, authentic secret pickled cabbage

is the key of pickled sauerkraut fish to eat, the quality of the Tang family with authentic ancient altar pickled sauerkraut secret law, fried pickled vegetable oil > altar


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